October - November

Preschool and K-3 Sunday School

Pre-Kindergarden Sunday School

Week 1 Creation 10/3/2021

Week 2 Creation 10/10/2021

Week 3  Creation- Animals 10/17/2021

Week 4 Creation Review 11/7/2021

Craft idea at the end of the video.

Today's song was Father Abraham Had Many Sons


Week 5 Noah

Craft page. Needed items, popsicle sticks, crayons, glue sticks.

Miss Dawn and Miss Courtney Sunday School


Today's two songs.

Craft1  Items needed colorful leaves , broken crayons with paper removed, 1 piece of typing paper.

Craft 2 cardstock to print the craft onto. A printer crayons or markers and the pdf file.

Miss Dawn Pre-K Sunday School 11/28/2021

Dawn Oswald

What are Angels?

Sunday School and craft (craft shown in video).

December 19, 2021 Pre-K

Sunday School

K-3 Sunday School

October 3, 2021 Creation - Read by Jan Krueger

October 10, 2021 Creation - Read by Jan Krueger

October 17, 2021 Tower of Babel -  Read by Jan Krueger

Story, artwork and coloring pages used with permission by www.lambsongs.co.nz

  1. Individual images can be used in educational presentations, web articles, blogs and social media with attribution to www.lambsongs.co.nz.


October 24, 2021

November 7,  2021

Today's song was Father Abraham Had Many Sons


Today's Craft click on the link, right click on the image, scroll in the dialogue box to save image as...(Name it and place it where you want it on your computer)

once saved print the image. Needed supplies glue, crayons, cotton balls.

Immage courtacy of 2021truewaykids.com


Read by Jan Krueger

Coloring pages 1

Coloring pages 2

K-3 Sunday School 11/21/2021

Printable Craft Page

November 28, 2021 Sunday School

K-3 Sunday School Read by Tabra Gomski

Printable Craft Pages Link 1

Printable Craft Pages LInk (2)

Directions for Craft Pages

K-3 Sunday School read by Jan Krueger December 5, 2021

K-3 Printable Craft Pages

Jan Krueger

The Angel's Good News

December 19, 2021

Jan Krueger

K-3 Sunday School Class

Children's Sunday School April - June

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Children's Sunday School  Feb-March