Guest Pastor, Reverend Jonah Burakowski


turmoil at the dinner table

an at-length look at the lord's supper

What does it mean?  What is happening?  Who should take it?  How should it be conducted?  How often should it be done?  How do we navigate the pitfalls that so often attend it?  We are committed to study it according to God's Word, the Bible, and under our commitment to the Lutheran Confessions as its proper explanation, but we will seek as much openness as possible in considering the variety of perspectives and approaches.  Classes start 7/14/19.  To watch the videos, click on the dates below.

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*There is a break in the class about 10 minutes in for a brief greeting by Rev Joshua Conradt who is the Circuit Visitor for Kenosha Circuit of the South Wisc. District of the LCMS.  He explains his role, reminds us of what pastors do, and answers questions.

Guest Pastor Rev. Shehab

Pastor Hesham Shehab is an LCMS pastor serving as missionary to Salam Christian Fellowship in Lombard, IL..  He grew up in the Middle East and God drew him to faith in Jesus Christ.  If you missed his exciting presentation, here's your opportunity to see his lesson.  To watch it, click here.

If you are interested in helping Rev. Hesham Shehab share the good news of Christ with Muslim communities, click here.

Ask pastor oswald

June 2019

June 2nd - Topics included (but not limited to): Depression/Suicide, What happens to the souls of aborted babies, Forgiveness feelings vs reality,  and many more.  6/2/19

June 9th -How much should the Pastor know about the giving of the church members? 

June 23rd - Topics include: Pastors in Heaven, why do Pastors say they are the worst sinners,  Luke 17 and our current culture, and a discussion of being gay and Christianity.  

bible study videos 2017

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