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Rev. P.A. richard-wokoma, theological educatior

Serving in africa

Rev. P.A. Richard-Wokoma serves throught The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod as a theological educator in Africa.  He also preaches and presents workshops to congregations and villages throught Africa.  

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A message from 

Rev. p.a. richard-wokoma, 

theological educatior

serving in africa

To those who support me prayerfully, for those who sponsor me, those who sojourn with me in this mission field, and

to those who are considering joining us:

Advent Greetings in the Name of Him who is to come, and whose first birth we look forward to celebrating, and yet, 

who is with us this day as He comes to us in His Word and Sacrament. Amen!

It has been a little hectic with Lutheran Council coming to a close just before St. Andrew’s Day. St. Andrew’s Day

was observed at the Seminary, as usual, with communion, myself being the preacher and the presiding minister. 

We are now preparing for examinations and the closing for Christmas break.

I am a little heartbroken right now. After our most recent visiting professor was here, the Rev’d Professor Naomichi Masaki of Concordia Theological Seminary, Ft. Wayne, IN, USA, over half of the students were asked to leave for lack of school fees, or incomplete payment of school fees. There is the possibility that they will not even be allowed to sit for the exams. This is a result of the recent, sudden, drastic cut of support we experienced.  

Some of you were curious about the former rector who died that I mentioned in my last report. After he was relieved of his rector duties, he taught part-time at the seminary, then fell sick and didn’t recover.  I am now fully in charge of teaching all his courses, making the need for visiting professors a continuous one. In addition, now more than ever, it is also important for us to send indigenous pastors to our LC-MS Seminaries in the U.S. for further training to come back and serve in the field, especially back at the Seminary to train future pastors. "The Harvest is ripe, but the reapers are few."

 Prayer Requests:

1)     Pray for the seminary and the students, especially those who are yet to pay school fees.

                2)     Pray for the Lord to touch the hearts of potential visiting professors from Ft. Wayne and all over                    the synod to come and help with the 4 additional courses I have acquired, over and above my existing courses, beginning with next semester which resumes February 1, 2019.

As we look forward to our Christmas celebration, and you go about your preparations, may the Lord touch your heart to include something for the needy in Africa, especially those at JEM Lutheran Seminary. May the Lord replenish you several-fold this Christmas and always as you prayerfully consider supporting our mission in Africa with a year-end gift. Amen.    

Have a blessed Advent season from the Advent King!

Sincerely in Christ,  

Fr. Wokoma.

1 Tim 1:15.


Kevin Dykstra

Kevin has been Hope’s Adopt A Student for several years.  We support him in our prayers and in other ways that allow him to continue his studies.  Kevin is studying at the LCMS St. Louis seminary with the goal of becoming a Lutheran minister.  God has led Kevin to preach his word and lead people to Jesus.  Kevin has completed his first public sermon so he is getting closer and closer to being a full-fledged minister.  Over December and January he preached at his home church in Wisconsin.  He chose preaching on Mark 1: 14-20.  A recap of his sermon is available at Hope’s church office.    We hope to have Kevin visit with Hope and preach a sermon in Twin Lakes in the near future.   


Hope Lutheran Church is helping to support his education with financial assistance and prayer.  Donations would be appreciated.