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Rev. P.A. richard-wokoma, theological educatior

Serving in africa

Rev. P.A. Richard-Wokoma serves throught The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod as a theological educator in Africa.  He also preaches and presents workshops to congregations and villages throught Africa.  

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a message from Richard Wokoma

November 1, 2018

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Left picture caption:  The Archbishop, two of the presenters, the preacher at Vespers, and two faithful students

Right picture caption:  The Archbishop, The Preacher, and the Two Presenters[9]


Kevin Dykstra

Kevin has been Hope’s Adopt A Student for several years.  We support him in our prayers and in other ways that allow him to continue his studies.  Kevin is studying at the LCMS St. Louis seminary with the goal of becoming a Lutheran minister.  God has led Kevin to preach his word and lead people to Jesus.  Kevin has completed his first public sermon so he is getting closer and closer to being a full-fledged minister.  Over December and January he preached at his home church in Wisconsin.  He chose preaching on Mark 1: 14-20.  A recap of his sermon is available at Hope’s church office.    We hope to have Kevin visit with Hope and preach a sermon in Twin Lakes in the near future.   


Hope Lutheran Church is helping to support his education with financial assistance and prayer.  Donations would be appreciated.

Florida relief mission 2017

In late September this year, after several hurricanes decimated Florida, Hope members Dick and Kay Cooke took a two week trip to Cape Coral.  Prior to leaving they asked members of Hope, friends and neighbors to pray about "digging a little deeper" and contributing to the Hurricane Reilef. Many people were very generous enabling them and their daughter Pam and son-in-law Bryan to help with food, hygiene and supplies for the people of East Naples and Everglade City. You can watch Kay's full account of their trip by clicking on the map to the left and by viewing the slideshow below.