• Dr. Timothy Oswald


    Reverend Dr. Timothy Oswald was installed as Pastor on November 13, 2016. He grew up in Addison, IL and graduated from Wheaton College in 1984 with a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical and Religious Studies. He also holds a Master’s degree in Divinity, Master of Military Studies, Master of Theology in Systematic Theology and a Doctor of Ministry degree in Military Ministries. His area of special interest in his studies arose from his work as a Navy Chaplain and examined Christian ministry in religiously pluralistic settings. Pastor Oswald retired as a Captain in the U.S. Navy Chaplain Corps after 22 years.  

    Pastor and his wife of 30 years, Dawn, have four grown children. His passion is to present God’s Word in preaching and teaching, always with a view toward how each segment of text contributes to the larger message of the Bible as a whole which is God’s work to reconcile people to Himself through His Son Jesus Christ.

  • Nadine Kelm

    Church Secretary

    Nadine has been serving as Church Secretary at Hope since 2007. She moved to Twin Lakes in 2006 with her husband, George, who presently serves as Organist and Chairman of the Elders.

    They were members of St. Peter Lutheran Church, Arlington Heights, IL, from 1972 to 2006, where George served as the Director of Instrumental Music in the school. Nadine served on the Altar Guild and was a member of the Hand Bell Choir. She was also a Bethel Bible Series Leader in the 1970’s. In Arlington Heights she was employed as a Legal Secretary for 24 years and worked in mortgage lending prior to that time. 

    George and Nadine have said they both consider themselves very blessed to be a part of the ministry here at Hope.

church officials (as of 1/1/2018)


                                        President:            George Kelm

                                        Vice President:   Gary Schaetten

                                        Treasurer:            Terri Stade

                                        Director of Finance:           Tami Voigt

                                        Secretary/Admin. Asst.:     Nadine Kelm

                                        Chairman of Elders:            Peter Voigt

                                        Stewardship/Evangelism Chairman:    Kay Cooke

                                        Chairman of Trustees:       Jim Tonkinson


Peter Voigt, Chairman, Floyd Bergstrom, Ed Holmstrom, George Kelm, 

Craig Kunz, Gary Schaetten and Jim Tonkinson



                                                         President:  Gail Feick

                                                         Vice President:  Tami Voigt

                                                         Secretary:  Dawn Oswald

                                                         Treasurer:  Doris Kunz